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Camp Classy Character - Classroom Management System Bundle

Camp Classy Character Classroom Management System
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It's great to see students grow in character throughout the school year! Add a fun camping theme and watch your students become more aware of their character while they practice using appropriate actions.

This Camp Classy Character classroom management system contains complete lessons for each character trait plus behavior management forms that I have used successfully for over thirty years. The forms enable you to turn many behavior problems into a positive learning experience for the child. Complete instructions are included for the activities and classroom management forms. The unit is 96 pages in length. Some components included in Camp Classy Character are:

6 Lesson Worksheets – One For Each Character Trait
Links For You Tube Videos For Each Character Trait
14 Printable Character Posters For Your Classroom
28 “Classy Kid Builder” Task Cards
4 Extended Response Task Cards
4 “Create Your Own Character Task Cards”
24 “Name That Character Trait” Task Cards
“Create A Character Quilt” Project Activity
Character Matching Game
Character Color Match Activity
Camp Classy Character Reward Tickets
Writing Prompts For Each Character Trait + Printable Stationery
“A Person Of Character” Research Activity
8 Classroom/Behavior Management Forms
Camp Classy Character Desk/Table Plates
Camp Classy Character Locker Signs
Character Traits Wordsearch
Camp Classy Character Maze
Trail Star Award
Camp Classy Character Award Certificate
Student Friendly Answer Forms

This unit was created for my fourth grade classroom, but it can be adapted to work with many grade levels. The entire unit is printable. I suggest using a color laser printer for the posters. I laminate them before displaying them in my classroom.

I hope your students enjoy this unit as much as my students do. I can’t imagine going through a school year without stressing positive character actions. Research has shown that time spent teaching students about character is a valuable component as part of a rich learning environment. Please let me know if you have questions or comments about this unit.

Thank you.

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