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Heat Energy Reader's Theater - Camping Themed Play

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This whimsical reader’s theater teaches students about heat energy in a fun way. It can be used to introduce a unit, or reinforce concepts about heat. The story reinforces the concepts of conduction, convection, and radiation. It also introduces conductors and insulators of heat energy. The reader’s theater format allows many students to participate, and it reinforces reading and speaking skills.

The story takes place at a camp for kids called Camp Conifer Forest (fictional name). There are eleven characters and five narrators in the story (16 speaking parts). Different types of food interact with each other as they learn about heat energy. The main characters are eggs, slices of bread, ears of corn, and marshmallows.

I tried to interject humor throughout the story, so I hope your students laugh and learn as you go through the activity. You could read it in one sitting, or divide it up into sections, having the students make predictions and a discuss the science embedded in each scene.

I have included a wordsearch activity for your students to do after they have completed the story. It contains the key science terms, plus the names of the main characters.

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