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Printable Awards + Certificates Bundle

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pdf See Award Samples by Clicking Here.pdf (1.6 MB)

This classroom award set includes 45 awards for teacher use which cover a variety of subjects and occasions. There are also a few “good work” awards that may be used for any achievement you wish to recognize. Each award contains “kid friendly” graphics, which have been carefully selected to focus on the topic being emphasized. Each individual award may be printed in color, but may also be copied in black and white without losing quality or clarity. I recommend using a high dpi setting when you print them. I usually print my awards on cardstock or high quality paper, but white copy paper will work well also. Most awards contain two lines near the bottom for your signature and the date. The first award page shows a perfect attendance award filled in with sample information.
Awards included are:
Art Star Award
Citizenship Award 1
Citizenship Award 2
Citizenship Award 3
Class Helper Award
Clean Desk Award
Computer Whiz Award
Extra Mile Award
Field Day Award
Geography Award
Good Attendance Award - Boy
Good Attendance Award - Girl
Hall Star Award
Handwriting Award - Boy
Handwriting Award - Girl
Happy Birthday
Hopping Good Work Award
Library Award 1
Library Award 2
Lunchroom Award
Math Award
Math Whiz Award
Multiplication Facts Award
Music Star Award
Parent Helper Award
Physical Education Award
Perfect Attendance Award
Playground Award
Reading Award 1
Reading Award 2
Safety Award - Boy
Safety Award - Girl
School Bus Award
School Volunteer Award
Science Award
Social Studies Award
Spelling Award 1
Spelling Award 2
Sportsmanship Award
Student of the Month
Student of the Week
Super Worker Award
Telling Time Award
Writing Award -Boy
Writing Award - Girl

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