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Rainy Day Task Cards

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Use rainy days to get your students thinking! This set of 32 water-themed task cards reinforces common core standards in math and language arts, and also builds on concepts that are a part of many states’ science or social studies curriculum standards. Great to use as a center activity or for those who finish their work early.

There are four extended response questions, which require students to provide a written response similar to the format of state assessment items. The last four cards are “Creativity Cards.” These allow students to use their creative skills in writing, artwork, etc. to have fun while working on the “Rainy Day” theme.

I have included a set of blank cards to allow you to create your own “rainy day” questions if needed. Answer keys are included. The student‐friendly answer document allows you or your students to correct their responses quickly and easily.

You may want to work through a few cards per day as a whole class, creating discussions around the responses. These cards also work well with literacy centers, work stations, or partner activities.

The cards may be printed in color or grayscale format. They look best when printed on a high quality color laser printer. They can be laminated and used year after year with no additional copying needed (except for answer forms). You may also wish to use a ring or fastener to keep the cards attached as a set.

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