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Printable Task Cards

Printable kid-friendly task cards which cover a variety of topics and thinking skills. Great for centers or those who finish work early.

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This set of 32 water-themed task cards reinforces common core standards in math and language arts, and also builds on concepts that are a part of many states’ science or social studies curriculum standards. Great to use as a center activity or for those who finish their work early.


This download contains all seven sets of Science Brain Builder task cards - 248 cards in all. The topics included in this science task card bundle are Animal Adaptations, Earth Day, Fossils, Heat, Electricity, Magnets, and Earth, Moon, + Sun. Several cards match key concepts and vocabulary that are part of many states’ science curriculum standards.

The first task cards in each set use a multiple choice format. The last 4 task cards are extended response questions, which require students to provide a written response similar to the format of state science assessment items. I have included a set of blank task cards to allow you to create your own questions about the topic if needed.

Complete answer keys are included. The studentā€friendly answer documents allows you or your students to correct their responses quickly and easily.

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